Gifts for Pregnant Women - What Do They Really Want?

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Published: 17th December 2010
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Gifts for pregnant women need to be something that they can use and that will make them feel special. Soon all the attention will be going to their new little one, and this is one time that you can pamper them and shower them with attention.

So, what can you give to pregnant women that will make them feel noticed and loved? Well, for starters, you will need to decide what they like. Do they want to indulge themselves with gourmet chocolates or are they trying to watch what they eat? Know their feelings on this before buying them a basket full of food.

How about a spa gift basket? This makes a great gift for pregnant women, as they usually don't feel that pretty at this time of their life. So, a gift of a little extra pampering might just do the trick to make them feel better about themselves as well as give them some time to reduce any stress they are under.

Another great gift are DVDs of good movies that they can watch while they take some time to relax. Put them in a gift basket with popcorn and some healthy snacks and they will be all set for the night of fun.

Journals make great gifts for pregnant women so that they can record their thoughts and feelings. It's a great way to remember the time and something they may want to share with their child at some point.

Books are good gifts if she is a reader. It can be relaxing getting absorbed in a fictional story or she may want to read books on parenting or aspects of pregnancy.

Restaurant gift certificates make great gifts. Often, when women are pregnant, they feel like eating but may be too tired to make a nice meal. They may really appreciate being able to go out for dinner.

If they have other children, why not offer to watch the kids for an afternoon or evening? Giving her time to herself can be a well needed gift that they will love. They will come back refreshed and ready to go!

Whatever you decide on, know what she would really enjoy. Everyone is different and you want to give her something that will truly be a gift. It will mean a great deal to her that you thought enough of her to give her something special.

Pregnant women love to feel pampered! Take a look at our bath gift baskets and give her a gift of time to herself. She will love it! Sandy Long

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